Stretch Goal - Oculus Rift

We here at Iridium Studios are as insanely, frothingly excited for the upcoming release of the Oculus Rift as you guys are. I mean, have you seen that thing?

This stretch goal is simple: include support for the Oculus Rift in our game. Now, there's an obvious caveat: There Came an Echo is not in the first-person, and we're not intending to change the entire structure of the game. So what to do?

The overall conceit of There Came an Echo is that instead of being a soldier down on the field, you're a tactician in a command center. So, to enhance this experience, we plan to fully model this command center, and place the player directly inside of it. The command center will be in full, first-person 3-D; a massive monitor displays the typical view of the game. Sitting in the chair, this monitor will fill most of your field of view, but you can glance around at other readouts and displays as well. We'll also allow a bit of walking around...who knows what's just laying around?

We'll be using the additional money from this stretch goal to purchase an Oculus Rift Dev Kit and attempt to ensure that the development of a small but disjointed element of the graphics engine doesn't significantly impact the time of release.