Welcome to Iridium Studios

Building games with character

Iridium Studios is a small, independent software studio dedicated to the production of high-quality, original software. There are no shareholders meetings, no corporate profitability, no design-by-committee: merely a focused vision and the drive to achieve it.

Iridium's first game, Sequence, is a rhythm/RPG hybrid currently available on Steam, GamersGate, and Xbox Live Indie Games. It features a 12+ hour adventure, full voice-acting, and a stunning, 28-track OST.

There Came an Echo
There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled, highly tactical real-time strategy game. Corrin, a brilliant cryptographer, is thrown into a deadly game of mystery.


Sequence is a rhythm/RPG hybrid with a strong emphasis on story. Ky, a 24-year-old graduate student, awakens to find himself in a mysterious Tower.

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